What’s the best REDO?

Bárbara Paredes


Morbid obesity is a disease promoting other important morbidities and reducing the patients health and quality of life aswell as a socio-economic damage. Bariatric surgery is a multidisciplinary kind of approach where the surgical intervention has acentral role. When the surgical technique or the global strategy fails, the recovery of the health and quality of life is compromised.So, sometimes we have to optimize the surgical “support” to balance the failed adherence to behavior change. Nowadays, "redosurgery" is a daily problem bariatric surgeons have to deal with, and it seems to be a more difficult and risky practice In this study,we assessed 668 patients with previous bariatric surgery that received further surgery during ten years practice in our Unit. Weclassified "redo surgeries" in three types: reversal, revisional and conversion. We analyzed epidemiologic data, etiology of the failresult and types of surgical solutions we have chosen. We conclude that bariatric surgeons have to master the redo techniques, thatthose techniques have higher but acceptable risk and that when teams are experienced enough, the effectiveness of a redo is reallyworthwhile. 

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Obesity surgery. Revisional surgery

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